Mel's the name. Photography is the game. Always looking for new models. My style varies depending on the model I'm shooting. Always available to accept ideas. If you are interested in working with me, send me an email at Enjoy!
Your guys are gorgeous! And you do a wonderful job of capturing that! Wish I was that attractive!

Well thank you. Send me a picture and let me be the judge of that. LOL

  • My favorite… I think we all can relate to the last one. You know what time it is. LOL

  • And there’s something about when it sits out just right. Is this becoming Digigumbo After Dark? There are a lot of pictures I could post but don’t. Maybe if I were to get so responses…

  • Some asses are shaped like a heart. This is one of them. One day I’d like to start having model bio’s. But then I’ll almost become a porn company. LIGHT BULB!!!!!

  • A little more inspirational. 

  • I decided to have a flashback Friday. And since I couldn’t decide between asses or “The Uncle” for my 100th post, I figured the asses could bring up the rear. LOL

  • For my 100th post, I give you what has become my favorite shot to do. There’s something about when a guy lays down in this position that just does it for me. I like how over time the picture has progressed into something very appealing. It started as a picture I took of someone post coitus (TMI) and ever since I like to include it in my nude shoots. No I didn’t take the picture after having sex with these models. I’m classy. Not trashy. Ok, maybe one. But here’s my ode to “The Uncle”.

  • More Niko. I edited this one different just for the effect. 

  • Every photo shoot I’ve done, this has been a signature pose. And it’s amazing how its evolve a little each time. I love it!

  • Here’s more Niko…

  • Sometimes I like to go different. Not everything has to look the same.

  • Preview of my latest photoshoot… Niko

  • Are you going to post any more of Cree?

    I have some more pictures I can post of him. I’ll need to get his permission since they’re frontals ;)

  • Model search

    If you are a follower in the DFW area and you think you have what it takes to model, submit a photo to me. Even if you don’t think so, but want to maybe step outside your comfort zone, submit one too.
    Looking to do a few shoots really soon. I have ideas but just need to models. Also, if you’re proud of something but want to stay anonymous, we can work something out too. One idea involves masks and large extremities. LOL Let’s get to submitting.